So it’s time to schedule an inspection and pump out for your septic tank. Maybe you just read our article on the importance of this routine maintenance and you’re ready to get started. Great! We’ve put together a helpful checklist of information so you can be well-prepared when calling or contacting us to schedule service. Reviewing this checklist before you contact us will help ensure that there are no surprises the day of the pump out. It will also help us provide an accurate quote and be well prepared to service your particular septic system.

  • Do you know where the septic tank is on your property?
  • Are the tank lids visible or buried?
  • How many gallons is your septic tank?
  • When was the septic system last serviced?
  • What kind of septic system do you have? (i.e., standard with leach field, drywell or mound, or aeration system? Does your septic system have a pump chamber?)
  • Are there any potential obstructions or obstacles for a septic truck that may prevent access to the septic tank that we should know about, such as
    • low hanging branches over the driveway?
    • driveway that goes over a small bridge?
    • landscaping or architecture to be mindful of?
  • How far away from the septic tank will the truck need to park (is it over 200ft)?
  • Do you have dogs or other animals that are not secured?
  • Do you have a garden hose available that will reach the tank area?
  • Are there any noise considerations? (Septic trucks are a little loud. Napping children or anyone who needs to sleep during the day may have their sleep disrupted if the truck is parked very close to the house.)
  • What are your expectations for the visit? (i.e., Do you have a few questions you want answered about the septic system before we leave? Is there anything we should know before we come, once we arrive, etc.?)

If you are unsure of any of these items, don’t worry—we can help you determine the type of tank or system you have and can usually work around obstructions without a problem. Our goal at Miami Valley Septic Service is to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers and make sure that each septic system is serviced according to its specific needs and design requirements. The more information we have in advance, the better we can serve you!

If you are ready to schedule a septic tank pump out, contact us today!